The best tracks and the best bikers in the Marathon Cup at Sea Otter Europe in Girona


The penultimate race in the Marathon Cup by Scott & Taymory will be the open event with the most riders over the three-day line-up of races at the festival.

The magic of this race lies in the fact that you can share the starting line with some of the best bikers on the planet, ride the same route with them and share your times while knowing that everyone can finish at their own pace with no pressure whatsoever. This race was a complete success at the 1st Sea Otter Europe, both in terms of participation and enjoyment level among riders. That will be no less the case in 2018.

To begin with, we will again be graced by the presence of two world-class teams in bike-marathon events. DMT Racing Team is unquestionably one of the strongest teams in the world when talking about this type of race. Hans Becking from the Netherlands (top-10 at the last bike-marathon world cup and also at the European event) will be the rider starting out as the favourite for victory. This is not the first time he will be in Spain, because he came close to a podium finish at the Volcat a few weeks ago.

Torpado Südtirol International will also be at the starting line. The Italian team includes a large number of bikers who specialise in this type of race. Riccardo Chiarini from Italy will be spearheading this team, although there may well be other bikers in the team with a chance for a great result.

Both teams will also be bringing other top-level riders: Naima Madlen with DMT Racing and Katazina Sosna with Torpado Südtirol International. The latter wiped the floor at the 2018 Volcat, dominating in all stages.

Besides these international bikers, we will see the current championship leaders defending their jersey. Guillem Muñoz (Blue Motors-Neolith) and Ramona Gabriel (Blue Motors-Neolith) are leading the championship overall and looking to hold their position with only two races to go (this one and the Buff Mountain Festival to be held in Vall de Boí on 1 July).

However, not all the riders will be professionals. The centre of attention in this race will fall on the hundreds of bikers coming to take part and enjoy a unique route. Girona has some hidden treasure in the form of a track network that is perfect for MTB and the Scott Marathon Cup by Taymory is the perfect way to discover them surrounded by thousands of people who share our passion.

With two different routes (67km and 47km) and two ways to take part (Pro and Open), there really is no excuse not to be at the starting line for this 100% biker event on 9 June.

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The best tracks and the best bikers in the Marathon Cup at Sea Otter Europe in Girona