Discover a paradise of mountain trails on the bike-marathon at Sea Otter Europe in Girona


The location chosen for Sea Otter Europe is no random choice. The city of Girona, only a stone’s throw from the Costa Brava, has been chosen very much on purpose. The heart of this great cycling festival is the gateway to one of the best places in Europe for the enjoyment of mountain biking. For many, Valle de Llémena is somewhere yet to be discovered. A place where the smooth trails embody the best concept of flow within XC. A never-ending network of trails that becomes the setting for the bike-marathon event at Sea Otter Europe.
This event forms part of the Marathon Cup by Scott & Taymory, specifically the penultimate event in the championship. Its inclusion in this championship means that the race will have all the outstanding features of any event in the Marathon Cup. Perhaps most importantly of all, it offers four different ways for bikers to take part. Two different routes and two ways to compete on each one.
The XCM category is the longest (67 kilometres), while the XCC offers the same essence as the longer route but over a slightly shorter distance (47 kilometres). This category is perfect for any biker wishing to discover what lies beyond the woods that surround the city of Girona. Get ready for some explosive climbs –that are well within reach of any rider– and especially some entertaining trails on which bikers will race between the trees while keeping an eye on the next bend and negotiating banked corners. A festival for true bikers to enjoy that is definitely worth discovering.

If 47 kilometres sounds short to you, then you’re an XCM biker and you should go for the 67-kilometre route. More distance, more time on the bike and more trails for those who want to try a longer distance.

Both routes have a Pro category, in which pure and unrestrained competition will set the pace, and an Open category, which is much more informal and relaxed, and where the time taken to finish the route is of no importance.
All this will take place in an area that is becoming increasingly popular as a mecca for mountain bikers and the perfect location for all sorts of events in which single tracks and contact with nature are an essential part of the experience. Like mountain biking, for example.
The event is guaranteed by the usual degree of organisational quality provided by Ocisport, which will offer a series of provisions stations so you can tackle the route in the best possible condition. Don’t forget to finish with enough energy to enjoy a good stroll around the expo area at Sea Otter Europe, which will have an even larger number of international brands and more visitor services than ever before. With so much to do at Sea Otter Europe and with Girona as the venue, this race is a great opportunity to organise a weekend getaway with your bike and with entertainment alternatives for all tastes.
Mark the day in your calendar; the Marathon Cup by Scott & Taymory will take place on 9 June. This event will also be the third in the championship, following Sant Joan de Mediona and Aguilar de Segarra (which will also forms part of the Catalan Championship), and prior to the final event in Vall de Boí, which will close the year.
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Discover a paradise of mountain trails on the bike-marathon at Sea Otter Europe in Girona