2019, the best season in the history of the Scott Marathon Cup


The Scott Marathon Cup has been going strong for many years now, but this year in 2019 it has taken a remarkable step forward to make sure that the championship continues to lead the way in its discipline for the coming years.

The bike marathon is the most popular discipline, the only one that brings together the best riders on the planet and amateur sportsmen and women looking for a fun day out mountain biking with consecutive events designed so that all riders can take part. Well-distributed refreshment zones, two route options for each point-scoring race, authentic mountain biking courses and excellent markings have all made the Scott Marathon Cup a benchmark in terms of amenities and participant services.

The great new feature for 2019 is the championship’s international boost. In addition to a new base in Cambrils, the tournament has managed to place two of its events (Cambrils itself and the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona) in the UCI Marathon Series calendar, the category that groups together the best bike marathon races on the planet.

Another feature that has made the Scott Marathon Cup an exemplary championship is the contrast between its different events. From the gruelling terrain of Capçalera del Foix in Sant Joan de Mediona, to the spectacular nature of competing on the shores of the Costa Daurada in Cambrils, before passing through the maze of trails on the Costa Brava in Girona, getting to grips with the high terrain of the Pyrenees thanks to the Vall de Boí point-scoring event, and rounding it off on the trails of Central Catalonia with the Fonollosa event. Five races, five landscapes, five regions, five challenges and five different types of courses: the perfect way to discover different settings on two wheels.

On a competitive level, Cambrils and Sea Otter Europe shone above all the rest thanks to their UCI Marathon Series status. The championship kicked off with victories for Francesc Guerra (Buff Scott) and Silvia Roura (Esteve). The international stature of Cambrils also brought world-renowned winners such as Tiago Ferreira (DMT Racing Team) and Trommer Cemile to a race that was also part of the XCM Spanish Open. Dutchman Hans Becking (DMT Racing) and Germany's Bettina Janas (Sportograf) won the most popular race of the year with the most participants, the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona. Meanwhile, Ever Alejandro Gómez (Olympia) and Helena Isanta (Esierri Bike&Ski) triumphed in the Pyrenean race in Vall de Boí. The grand finale, in Fonollosa, went to Cristofer Bosque (Biking Point) and Arantxa Salvado (Miami - Megabici).

No rider in the men's or women's category was able to claim victory more than once, proving how the variety of terrains and highly-competitive level of the Scott Marathon Cup opens the door for all kinds of riders. The general championship went to Ever Alejandro Gomez and Helena Isanta, the most consistent riders of the year.

Now it's time to look ahead to 2020 when a new edition of the leading bike marathon championship, the Scott Marathon Cup, will return. Keep your eyes peeled for the new calendar.

2019, the best season in the history of the Scott Marathon Cup